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There are two times in a person's life when they decide it's time to get a haircut - the first is when a big change happens in their life and they feel the need to match their appearance with it, and the second is when they start to question whether that strange patch of dead grass on their head is actually even hair at all. What a lot of people don't realize is that there are actual telltale signs that should dictate whether it's really time for a haircut or not. Still on the fence about getting your locks chopped? These signs should point you in the right direction.


1. Maintenance Has Become a Pain - Whether it's the washing, the styling, or the keeping it from looking like a haystack throughout the day, you'll know it's time here to get a haircut when your hair becomes significantly more unruly than you remember it to be. If maintaining your hair takes up too much of your time now, and if it has become inconvenient and unreasonable, it's time to visit your favorite salon specialist.


2. Shape is Nonexistent - When you first got your haircut, you probably felt reinvigorated, especially after seeing so much bounce, life, and vibrancy in your locks. But now, everything just falls flat - there's no life, no bounce, and no shape to it at all. If you feel like your hair has lost its life, and if you think it needs a dose of vigor, you should consider getting it cut.


3. Never Out of a Bun - One of the main markers that proves you need a haircut is how you wear it most of the time. If that little black elastic that used to always be on your wrist is now constantly holding your hair up, that means it's time for a cut. This basically tells you that you prefer wearing it up because keeping it down might not actually be the best idea for you anymore.


4. Damage and Split Ends - Split end happen when you heat style too much, when you let your hair grow out longer than it should, or when your hair just gives in to the wear and tear you put it through everyday. Regardless of the reason for split ends, there's no reason to let the agony go on. Cutting your hair can eliminate split ends and bring back that soft, manageable bounce that we all love. If you like to know more, you may check over here.